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Monday, February 16, 2009


AAAAAALRIGHTY THEN. The weekend has ended and I am exhausted. Coughing too. Lovely.

But, all-in-all, a it was a good one. Let's start the recount:

FRIDAY Went to see the new Jason movie with Fabres, Mars, Jude, Koodi, Hari-san and Fabres' girl. And a friend of Fabres' that we met for the first time that night. He had a truck. We rode in said truck to the mall. Good idea? Who really knows. It was an adventure, that much I know. Check the photos for yourself (who am I addressing...?).

Later we rented The Ring and went to buy orange juice for screwdrivers. I kinda wanted to try one, but I'd been coughing all week and didn't think a hangover would help me fend off the impending cold. Mars, who was playing the part of the lovely bartender, simply gave me my OJ straight. Omnomnom. Friday the 13th was a bit off-putting, but that was nothing compared to The Ring. Like. OMG. Talk about creepy shit. I will never be in the same room as a well ever again. Luckily, I can't remember the last time I saw one. Thank god for that.

Fabres was tipsy (drunk?) within 10 minutes of starting the movie (Friday the 13th really scared him) and kept making comments along the lines of "OHMIGOD that's the well," "There's that mirror from the TAPE!"

Yeah. You get the picture. Not like these things weren't already painfully obvious. But we love him. I may have threatened to punch him once, but only in the most loving of ways.

SATURDAY Dinner with my three valentines: Mars, Koodi and Jude. That's right. Three. Read 'em and weep. We went downtown to eat sushi, but the line was out the door and it was starting to sprinkle. Not to mention my coughing sounded like heavy machinery by this point. I suggested Mexican food, partially because it's delicious, but partially because I'd been starting at a restaurant that I happened to like while we were waiting outside. So we went to C. Laredo. So yummy. We lucked out big time because someone with a reservation (i.e. not us) hadn’t shown up. So we got their table. Win. The food was fantastic and one of the hostesses had on these red stilettos with red silk ribbons that wound up her ankle. They were so hot. I wanted them. Her face would have been pretty forgettable, but as we all know, shoes like that add 25 hotness points.

Koodi looked like such a pimp at dinner. Even our waitress commented on it:
“Three dates? Well aren’t you a lucky guy…”
The answer: duh.

After dinner, we went back to our room for a hot Valentine’s Day orgy.

No. I’m totally kidding. Bahahaha. I just couldn’t resist. We watched Josie and the Pussycats and Anastasia. There was much singing in room #(censored). We were going to watch Love Actually, but I forgot to turn it when we borrowed it from Mars’ brother. Lame, I know.

It was really, really fun. Koodi & Jude stayed until at least 2 AM, and the four of us just talked. Well, mostly Jude. I love the girl, but she can talk for DAYS. IT was cool to learn more about everyone though. I love making new friends.

SUNDAY Pretty uneventful. I woke up late and read some smutty fanfiction. No idea why. I felt like reading something with a storyline, sex AND good writing. A tall order, to be sure, but the hunt is half the fun. I did find something that combined all three. Well. The first and last so far. I assume the middle item will arrive soon enough. Man, I’m such a bad kid. But whatever. Blame the hormones?

Later, after she got back from a couple review sessions, Mars and I watched Just Like Heaven and Mary Poppins. Then two episodes of this anime we’re watching. It’s so amazing that she’ll watch anime with me. It’s even more incredible that she likes it. I couldn’t have asked for a better roommate.

It’s almost noon, which is when Mars is done with classes, so I had better wrap this up and figure out where the hell my wallet is. Grr. It would be great if I could go a week without losing my ID. Wishful thinking, of course.

Later pals,

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lift Your Eyes

in a dazzling show
sunlight snakes in to kiss the floor.
the rays inevitably
win the day,
and the shadows flee.

remind me why,
no matter the weight of the world,
the sunlight always rises
with the same
smiling dawn.

the universe marches on.
with or without me, time flys forever.
so lift your eyes and
bathe in the laughter
of the day

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our Time is Almost Here

"So listen up.
I worked in daylight feeding fashion to housewives.
For just this once, I'll take my chances
On truck stops and state lines."

I want to write. Not just words. I miss the time when it was mindlessly easy to splash my soul on paper. The muses have abandoned me. I no longer feel the spark. Where once there was song, now only white noise remains.

I'm sorry. I'm rambling. I've been reading my own poetry and I miss writing a lot. I wasn't even aware of that fact. That's the only thing that makes me even the least bit happy to have met Ack. We were casually talking about writing and I tol dhim that I wrote poetry. He was really pushy and insistent on reading some.

First of all, I don't really let a lot of people read my writing. Stella and a few select others are the exception. Certain poems, yeah, and of course for Itinerary. But that was mostly anonymous. Mostly. I didn't even know this kid. So I let him read "Dandelion" and "Iris." I wanted to see what his reaction to Iris was.

"Is this about a painting."
"Nope. A grocery store."

Unfortch, my quirkyness may have been endearing to him. Normally that's a good thing, but notsomuch with Ack.

Anyways, while looking through my poems to find one that wasn't too personal, I realized how much of my heart I had poured into these words.

For some reason, the more of myself I divulged on paper, the more alive I felt. It was like a neverending stream of consciousness that would never run dry.

An endless storm of me.

"Our time is almost here,
Our time is almost here,
This isn't like us anyway..."
~The Academy Is...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

And We Dream of Making Our Escape...

Zanzibar here. I haven't updated this blog in a while. I figured since Sidera updated (finally, no less), that I might as well ramble for a while.

So. Spring semester. First year of college. I'm 1/8 of the way done. It's kind of bizarre to think about. Anyways, let's have a quick summary:

1) AST: cool; kinda slow. I wanna get to quasars (mostly so I can say "QUASAR!")
2) ECO: interesting, as always; review. Macro is way more fun than micro, but whatever.
3) PSY: love it (so much). We've already talked about depression and OCD, etc. I love learning about how and why we think.
4) JPN: もちろん日本語のクラスが一番大好きですよ!

The other new development is two-fold. I acquired a solid group of friends. And also my very own creepster. Let's call im Ack (I know, I know, "What kind of a name is that?" Shutup). I met him the first weekend back. He seemed nice enough at first, if a little overly friendly. I just kind of assumed he was eager or really nice or both (or whatever). He texted me like every day.
"Good morning." "Wanna get something to eat?" "What are you doing later?"
But not my roommate... Just me. Which I thought was kind of odd because we met him on the same night and we talked to him about the same amount. Finally one of my new guy friends (who we're going to call Fabre) told him to forget it. And basically that he didn't have a chance. It made me really happy. Especially when Fabre was like "I hope that wasn't too invasive of me..." OF COURSE NOT. Bahahah. Thank you!<3

Fact: I'm not good at confrontation. I hate hurting people's feelings. Even if they're creeping on me.

When I told my other new guy friend (this one will be... Torres!) [man, he'd love me if he knew I was going to call him Torres ^_^], he said that if he creeped me out, then there was no need for me to force myself to be okay with that. He also said that there wasn't any reason to hang out with him or talk to him, etc. Another super guy. When did this happen and where were all these guys when I was in high school?

Anyways. I'm trying to finish up my economics homework that I really should have done a week ago, but didn't, of course. So.

Till next time,

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

venite adoremus dominum

It's almost Christmas. Obviously everyone and everyone's friends and so on is excited. I'm excited. I love the commercial side of Christmas.

The religious side is what kinda gets me feeling uncomfortable. I like organized religion, as long as I'm not the one practicing it. I have good friends that are religious, and I support them. When people I know go to mass or pray or whatever, I'm supportive. When I think about whether or not I believe that there is some higher power out there, though, I get frustrated. It makes me feel kinda foolish even.

I couldn't say why. Couldn't even guess. I guess I just haven't even seen the need for the existence of divine power in my life so far. I can believe in magic without really having to think about it much. But belief in a God doesn't come as easily for some reason.

People used to need religion to explain what was going on all around them. The ancient Greeks didn't know why the seasons changed, but the Hades/Persephone myth made it perfectly clear that Demeter was pissy and lonely for half the year. Tada, seasons.

It's pretty clear to me that the only reason I'm so turned off to the Christian faith, is because I was raised to believe it was the only viable religion. Once I got older and read this, that and the other, I saw that different beliefs arose throughout history all over the world. It was really quite confusing.

I took a step backwards to see why everyone around me believed what they did. It seemed like people just blindly accepted whatever their parents told them. Where was the self-affirmation. Where was the scholarly investigation? Since when was it okay to agree to something without knowing anything about what you were buying into?

Maybe I'm naive or idealistic or just missing a huge piece of the puzzle here. Maybe all three. In any case, I have a message for any potential deities that might be real.

To whichever deity it may concern: I'm sorry if you do, in fact, exist. You must find this whole doubting business of mine quite offensive. You will, however, assumably be happy to know that I am not shut off completely to the idea of a higher power. I just like proof. It really isn't important to me that I make up my mind on the whole religion issue any time soon though. Again, sorry for being such a skeptic.

Have a wonderful day,

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


The stiff and strong
Are Death's companions.
The soft and weak
Are Life's companions.
The strongest armies do not conquer
The greatest trees are cut down.
The strong and great sink down.
The soft and weak rise up.
-Daodejing, chapter 76

Studying for exams.
Just thought I'd post this passage.
Ancient Chinese literature is really something...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Read Your Dreams to the Stars

But I know there's so much more to find,
Just in looking through myself and not at them.

Listening to Spring Awakening (which I'm sure some of you already figured out) and thinking about life, as it has that effect on people. I haven't written here in ages. I haven't written anything in ages. It's really a shame. I think I wrote a poem a while back, but it was just to fill the pages and my time. So I'm in school. Have been for a good while now. I'm thoroughly loving it, but of course I do miss being home. I miss my puppy and fat kitty the most.

I do get annoyed at times because I clearly remember everyone telling me not to worry about boys in high school because college boys were just bound to lurve me. Well that, my friends, has not happened as of yet. I'm oblivious, but even I would have noticed...

Oh well. I guess it just bugs me. I'm not at school to find my little old self a husband, so I'll survive (I suppose). What I might not survive is the end of the first semester. I have an 8-page paper due Friday, and exams next week (4 of them, lame), but then. CHRISTMAS BREAK. WAAAAAH!

Now they'll walk on my arm through the distant night,
And I won't let them stray from my heart.
Through the wind, through the dark,
Through the winter light...